Tuesday, October 16, 2007

...of my miracle.

There is something that I wanted. Ever since I first thought about it, I wanted it a little more each day. It's kind of a big thing. When I asked my husband about it, he thought it sounded like fun. The "problem" was the money. It's not a LOT of money, but it's enough that can't be absorbed into a tightly run budget in ten short weeks. I've researched all of the ways to make it cost less, and am waiting patiently for it to go on a forecasted sale.

The temptation was going to be using credit. I wish I could say that we are completely debt free, and never use credit. It is not the case, we try to pay the cards off each month and most months we do. I could justify it as my last chance before my daughter leaves the nest, I could say it wasn't that much. We could afford it. It's not true, if you can't buy it, you can't afford it. So I began asking God to drop a couple grand in my lap.

God of course came through, it came from an unexpected source. A big, happy surprise. And an even bigger surprise, it's going to happen again next month. So, To God be the glory great things he has done.

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