Friday, October 12, 2007

...of saltiness.

My life lesson this month is that I have influence in the life of others. Six weeks ago when I published my goals for the month, I had no idea that it would change my perspective as drastically as it has. I was not trying to change the world, just my part it in. I now realize that I cannot change one thing without it rippling through the universe.

Many sites have linked to my goals page, many people have emailed me that they too have started goals. People have told me that they've always made goals, but had never written them down, something that they are now doing. I don't know the true impact that list has made, we'll say for the sake of a number that five people have made goals to do better this month. Had someone hired me to better the lives of five people this month, I probably would have turned down the job.

Bettering the world is nice and all but I can also trace the irritating qualities that my children have directly back to me. I could try to blame genetics on the low frustration tolerance my three year old has, but I know better. Which means I now have to do better. Who's responsible for the sloppy rooms and the slacker attitudes, well they are, but they know it's acceptable because of me. I get grumpy when the kids don't listen. They look at me and think I'm not listening because I'm multitasking, but it looks like I'm not listening.

Being the salt of the world had never really meant much to me, but I guess I get it now. Salt cannot come into contact with something and not change it. Not just the taste, but the entire chemical composition of that thing. My interactions with others change them. Am I adding flavor to their life, or eroding their chassis? Even more reason for me to live on purpose.

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