Monday, April 16, 2007

....of the little boy blue.

My three year old boy and I were consuming some sugar laden food colored snacks today, when I pointed out that his tongue had turned blue. From that point on, all throughout the day he wanted everyone to know he'd turned blue. Of course the blue eventually went away and by the time the older kids had returned from school, he was no longer blue. He'd stick out his tongue and say "I'm blue." Of course there is nothing more fun to a kid than aggravating a sibling, and the louder and more upset the sibling gets the more fun it becomes. And so my afternoon turned into, "I'm blue" "no you're not".......

It got me to thinking, you can truly believe something in your heart of hearts. You can shout your beliefs louder and longer than someone who can see evidence of the truth right before their eyes, you can fight for your beliefs all day long but can be completely wrong.

It all ended when I showed my little middle boy in the mirror that his tongue was no longer blue AND he looked in the mirror and realized the truth. I could have shown him the mirror and it wouldn't have made any difference had he not stuck out his tongue to see. The other side of it could be that he went around all day with his tongue hanging out and not being shown a mirror.

So remember, when you see someone with their tongue hanging out and crying, they may need a mirror, and if someone shows you a mirror, it might be that your tongue is no longer blue.

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