Thursday, February 19, 2009 probably don't know this, but

You can get a whole lot of dirt for $23 - if you pick it up yourself. Of course, I don't want to. I am apparently the first person in this town of hundreds of thousands that has ever wanted dirt delivered. Three places didn't know how much it cost to have it delivered. Really, not one person has ever wanted you to bring the dirt to them? OK. One place didn't have the capability to bring it if they wanted to. Heck of a business model folks.

It reminds me of a radio giveaway they had in a town I lived in years ago. Cow poop. Some rancher would dump a big load (pardon the pun)of cow poo in the parking lot and it was yours for the taking. They had live remotes from the parking lot, hilarious. Of course there is a difference between free cow poo and dirt you have to pay for. People would show up for miles around for free poo.

One thing you might know, but I don't is this. Is it more "green" to live on an acreage ten miles from town where you can raise chickens and a cow or two for a portion of your own food, making a trip to town only once or twice a week. Or living in a urban planned area, where everything you need is within walking distance, but your food needs to be brought in? I'm torn. I grew up miles from town, swore I would live within walking distance of everything when I had the choice. It's not really practical to walk home with pack of 400 rolls of tp though. And unless I, gasp, homeschooled, the kids would have to be shipped off everyday anyway. So really what you're saying is that there is no solution.

I don't really know anything else that either of us may or may not know. If you come up with something, let me know, then I'll let you know.

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