Thursday, February 19, 2009

...just a reminder

The party tomorrow is to celebrate the birth/placement of my children. I hardly know any of your children, and from what I can see, there isn't much for me to celebrate. I'm sure you love them, but they don't do much for me. Therefore...

your children will not be leaving our party with any loot. I did not spend hundreds of dollars on crap that you will curse about when you open the goodie bag, there is no gum in a cellophane bag, in fact, there isn't even a cellophane bag. If anyone should get a gift besides the birthday kids it should be me, (or any other mother) as we are the ones who either birthed them or spent thousands on legal fees for the privilege to parent them. Maybe that's a tradition I could get into....

I know, it's poor manners to not have them. I don't care. Why should I have to buy your kids a bunch of crap because it's my kids' birthdays? They are four. We are having cake, which I did not buy. If they are lucky I'll buy some juice boxes, but even that's looking iffy, I have yet to see a kid who simultaneously enjoys a juice box and has the prowess to operate one.

I did not hire a clown nor did I get the themed jumpy. Your kids will just have to enjoy the company of my kids. When it gets dark they can turn off the lights in the playroom, living room, and back yard and play hide and seek with glo-bracelets. Now that's entertainment. That is if your boys can tear themselves away from the huge pile of dirt in the backyard. (don't wear the nice clothes)

I don't apologize in advance for any trouble this may cause you. It's high time we teach our kids that the world does not revolve around them getting stuff at every opportunity. To teach them that it is better to give than to receive. If you cannot simply come and enjoy the company of others then please stay home.

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Cast of Characters

  • BOB - Born of the body children
  • BOTH - Born of the heart children
  • Roran aka Big Girl - 18 year old BOB daughter - recently booted from the nest
  • Big Boy - 15 year old BOB son
  • Radical - 9 year old BOB son who fyi is not RAD
  • Felpsy aka lil middle - 4 year old BOTH boy who is RAD and is the cumin in our soup
  • Booger - 4 year old BOTH boy, sib to Felpsy, Twin to....
  • Princess - 4 year old BOTH girl. Diva,