Tuesday, February 24, 2009

...I've been a tad distracted

I know, what could be more important than blogging 12 times a day? Well, I have to go out there and do a lot of stupid things to tell you all about. For one...Also, an Awesomeness Conference doesn't just happen, these things have to be planned. Well, conference might be a bit of a stretch, there won't be any keynote speakers or seminars, or even webinars. There may be a tshirt though.

As far as the Awesomeness goes, it's a mixture of all things great that we have had to put aside in ourselves since we became Mommy's. Sleeping til noon, relaxing by the pool, fake skydiving, enjoying a fine meal that doesn't come in a wrapper, and the most foreign of all, going out after dark. What? That's crazy talk.

As far as dates go, I'm torn between mid summer and right after the kids go back to school. I am open for suggestions, since there will only be four of us....

I'll be out there interacting with others today, I'm bound to come up with something to share.

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Rachel said...

will there be marlboro lights? are we getting tattoos? count me in.

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