Friday, February 13, 2009

...I'm sure this will make me popular

Valentine's Day has never really gotten me all that excited. Even less so now that we have to involve the kids. I know my opinion in this differs from others, but it's time to decide. Is it for the kids or for lovers? I cannot get my mind wrapped around it being for both of them.

There are those who would argue that by involving the kids in Valentine's Day, it will raise their expectations and they won't settle. I'm respectfully disagreeing with that. I think the relationship you have with your spouse is the biggest indicator of what your children will expect out of their marriage. I could be wrong. I got gifts every single year for Valentine's Day from my Daddy. I might not have seen him twelve days a year, but I got the gifts.

My parents have been married for over 40 years. I think most of the time has been spent tolerating each other. I expected a marriage of having kids and tolerating each other. Luckily my husband wasn't willing to settle for that. Oh, we have the kids, and then some, but we are crazy about each other, and our kids know it. Are they expecting some grand gesture on their behalf tomorrow. I doubt it. The older kids know better, the younger kids don't know any better.

Then of course, there's this. If I read it correctly, Valentine's Day stems from the tradition where young men dressed only in a goatskin thong, whipped bystanders with a strap if the women got strapped enough, she would become fertile. Then, they'd all gather in a square where the "willing" young women would put their name in a box. The young men got to draw names and they paired up to have lots of sex during the next year. Now that is romantic.

We're all in an uproar about Halloween being derived from a pagan holiday, where's the righteous indignation for women being beaten in the streets and paired up with men as sex slaves? Oh right, there isn't a Halloween diamond yet. Make up our minds, are we for or against the evolution of pagan holidays? Admit you are too lazy and cheap to deal with Halloween and stop trying to convince the rest of us we're evil. Either that or I'm going to insist you give up your chocolate truffles.

So, bright and early tomorrow morning I'll be waiting in the street for my beating, although honey, be warned if you hit me I might be compelled to have another child.


hsmomma5 said...

Well said!

Rachel said...


excellent argument.

Tiffany said...

well said. When you have to go get 45 zillion valentines for kids and candy.Then they come home all high off the candy, it takes the fun out of the whole Valentine cuddle, cuddle, come near me honey. I say lets celebrate valentines after valentines. Though I do have to say, it is valentines everyday with my honey. You do have an excellent argument.

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