Friday, February 13, 2009

...I had too much fun

Yesterday I had planned on getting all sorts of stuff done. God laughs at my plans. They were very all important. As you all know, I don't get out much. Just spend all my time formulating plans for world peace or what not. Of course I could have been doing housework, or errands or other home making duties. I was blogging, and on FB again, and emailing, and chatting. During this time I got a status update on FB that a friend of mine was looking for a lunch date. Normally, I would have rationalized to myself that I had too much to do to spend time with a friend, but I'm working on putting myself out there a little more. I do it so well on line, thought I'd try it in RL.

So, I met my friend for lunch. She updated me on her family news, and how she liked her new town. We bitched a bit about how horrible foster care is. She was a licensed foster parent for awhile, trying to adopt, yet never ever got a call. This would be sad if it were unique here in our town, but it's not. There are several families in our church who jumped through all of the foster care hoops with the intention of adopting a child in need of a home. No calls. So they abandoned their hope of adopting from foster care and went to international.

Please don't ask people who are adopting internationally why they don't get a kid here. Yes, there are a million kids in need of a home in this country. But since the government is in charge of it all, it's a broken and awful system that DOES NOT WORK. Unless you are willing to play the game, for an extended period of time, it's not a fun process. Luckily I had a good caseworker who explained to me that this is how it is and this is how it goes, otherwise I would have given up quite quickly.

Anyway, so we had lunch. It of course was AWESOME. A good chat. Fun times. Then I had another friend come over to help me out with a project. Fun times.

But, my list still sits there. All sorts of things on that list. Just waiting for me. I think I might get it done today.....


Tracey said...

We were in that same boat....tried to adopt through the system but is is so ^%&& up that nothing happened. We adopted domestically though.

hsmomma5 said...

Does your state REQUIRE you to be a foster parent first? Ours does not--we were able to go straight to adoption. And I thought we had it bad....sounds like it is REALLY messed up for your area!

Annie said...

Our state does not require us to become foster parents before adoption, it's just the agency we all went through originally does both. If they get you to be foster parents who adopt, they can get both the foster and adoption moneys. If they only did straight adoption, they would lose out of six months of foster money on the children who were placed in strictly adoptive homes, since it takes six months to complete the adoption.

Live and learn.

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