Saturday, February 7, 2009

...I'm going to have a contest

As all my FB friends already know, I had to get up at 5:00 this morning. I'm tired. It has nothing to do with me not going to bed until 1:00 so leave me alone. So, I'm going to be lazy today and let you all write my post for the day. Now, I would not ask you to work for free, unless you came out of my body or are in some other way my legal ward. I'm giving away a boob shirt. Now, don't bother going to look and see what a boob shirt looks like. We sold that domain several years ago, for a pretty penny if I remember. But it's just a guy cut Tshirt, in white or that grey color. And quite frankly, not that exciting, but we have some left over from the olden days, so Good Luck.

Now here are the rules, you must make a comment and answer there within some of the following questions about me, my family, my blog etc. Anyone that makes me LOL out loud will win a fabulous Tshirt.

1. How many kids do I have and where did they all come from?
2. If you could keep one of them who would it be?
3. If this whole domestic goddess thing doesn't work out for me, what should I be when I grow up?
4. What does my husband do for a living?
5. Tell me about some of my favorite things.
6. What awesome substances am I allergic to?
7. When you come to my house to eat, what will be on the menu?

Now, in the even that none of you are funny, points will be awarded on accuracy and creativity, but in varying degrees of subjectivity. I'm actually looking forward to this....again, good luck. *****update****
I'm not posting comments yet, due to the highly competitive nature of this contest, I don't want anyone tempted to cheat. And we have a front runner who really made me LOL out loud and included a desperate plea, but others are stunningly accurate like they have inside information, we'll see how it all shakes out.


Rachel said...

You have six kids. Three came from your bod, and three came from the hostile womb of some other “younger-than-we’d-believe” chick.

I would keep Boog because he sniffs.

Your husband plays Frisbee golf for a living.

While you are a girl of many talents, your career-in-waiting is (naturally) comedic writing for the many less funny, but more famous women out there.

Your favorite things include but are not limited to the following: Your kitchen, your Aerogrow plants, blogs, and squirreling away your cash.

You are allergic to religious platitudes, as they make you break out in swear words.

For dinner, you will be preparing something from scratch (as is your relatively new custom) that sounds Rachel Ray-ish, like chicken kabobs of some sort.

Don't read anyone else's answers. Give the boob shirt to me, as you know I want it the most.

Brandon Cunningham said...

You have 6. 3 from South TX via the wonderful state of TX. 3 from Montana. One from that guy you live with and 2 from Space it would seem.

2. Roland likes me more but I want Mia because of the big cheeks.

3. Clearly a writer or President. Probably better to be appointed to something for a lifetime that way you could actually do some stuff without getting booted. Principal would be great if you had all the power.

4. He produces some sort of secret intelligence for the US Gov and hides that fact as a web/database developer for a shell company.

5. You love bread and Coke and God. You love to read your bible and point out stupid people in authority positions and save millions on coupons. You love being a mom and that guy you live with.

6. Stupid, Lazy, and liberals.

7. As long as there is bread it really does not matter. The ham balls are great and the various sandwich meats make the already great better even better.

Megan said...

1. 6 (3 of the body; 3 of the heart)
2. Ummm... I'll go with the girly girl
3. a travel writer
4. something computer-y?
5. God, your children (not other people's), tech gadgets
6. Fake cinnamon (it is indeed awesome and I was very sad for you when I read that)
7. homemade bread and other things to be determined later.

Jodi said...

Annie, thanks for commenting on my blog, you made me LOL! So here's my attempt...*disclaimer* I am the farthest thing from a commedian...

4. What does my husband do for a living? He spends his days as a VP Portfolio Manager. I'll tell you what he DOESN'T do for a living...anything that involves picking up after himself. After he showers, he leaves his gross dirty underwear and towels on the floor. He eats some yogurt, he leaves the empty container sitting on the counter with the spoon still in it. So officially, He tells people how to invest their money. Unofficially, his occupation is to annoy me.

5. Tell me about some of my favorite things. Chocolate milk, chick flicks, my mommy, Danielle Steel books, and my cats. Not necessarily in order of preference.

7. When you come to my house to eat, what will be on the menu? Hmmm...since I am completely un-gourmet, my favorite menu item is a fancy dish I invented. It's perfect for a)people who cannot cook to save their lives and b) anyone who thinks that $1.50 is the perfect amount to spend to make a dish. I call it Tuna Supreme. Cook up a box of mac and cheese, add a can of tuna, whatever spices you prefer (I recommend Frank's Red Hot), stir, and voila! Dinner on a dime!

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