Saturday, February 7, 2009

...I give you the results, so you can sleep tonight UPDATE

Yes, the contest is over. I will give you the play by play.

Question #1 was answered incorrectly by all. I know you all thought you were so smart. The true answer is....

All of my children came from either the stork or are the result of an alien abduction. Brandon was the closest as he guessed two of them are from space. Rachel gets a bonus for using the term "hostile womb".

Question #2 Again wrong all across the board. The answer is....

The child you'd most like to take home with you is Big Boy, as he is 15 and well.....

Rachel gets the bonus for that round as she correctly remember that Boog sniffs.

Question #3 Everybody wins you all said such nice things. Most of you said I should write, my husband is trying to encourage that too. My answer was going to be Queen, because I'd be awesome at it and if I don't like you I get to feed you to lions or banish you, or one of the other lovely rights afforded a queen.

Equal points to all on question #3.

Loved the answers to #4. This is where my newest follower joined in. Since she is new, she substituted my life for hers, and I truly enjoyed it. Her husband splits his time between telling people what to do with their money and annoying her. (Maybe he can set up my ROTH) She ties with Rachel who answered that my hubby plays frisbee golf. True that.

Question #5. My favorite things? Rachel gets her second LOL by answering "Your favorite things include but are not limited to the following: Your kitchen, your Aerogrow plants, blogs and squirreling away your cash." Megan gets the bonus for recalling that I only like my own children, not other peoples. Jodi gets a point for loving her mommy.

is beginning to realize he's behind and is starting to cry a little because he really wants the boob shirt. I will say he's been disqualified from a couple of answers for either a)kissing up or b) being married to one of my bff's and being bff's with my man - me thinks he knows a little too much.

#6 was a tricky one, what am I allergic to? Megan answered fake cinamon and expressed sadness for my plight. Brandon mentioned Stupid, lazy and liberals, and Rachel answered "religeous platitudes as they make you break out in swear words."

So, points to Megan for accuracy and compassion.
Points to Brandon for being correct on so many levels.
Points to Rachel for another LOL.

#7 was a trick question. It was secretly to find out what you wanted if you ever came over for dinner. So you all win. Yippee. But just for the record there will always be bread.

Drumroll please........

The winner is Rachel I forget the score, but she REALLY wants a boob shirt. For those of you who didn't win, I'm sure you can find it on Ebay by the end of this week as Rachel realizes that it's not all it's been hyped up to be. So check Ebay, say next Friday. And Rachel, leave me your address and whether you want M or XL or XXL. They come in white and that grey color, tell me which is more important size or color because I don't know if I have some of each.

p.s. If you really want a boob shirt, I'll send you one, just tell me your size and give me your address.

Thanks for playing everyone. I enjoyed that a little too much. I LOL'd all day long.


This just in the true winner is Holly, who doesn't have a blog so she emailed me her answers and I didn't check them. A back story. Holly was my roommate in college, in the '80's - she has pictures, from the '80's. Hands down winner. Now I will update you with her answers.

1. 6 yes. Roran, who knows? I'm guessing it is a hostile conspiracy with sperm donor.
2. Big Boy, yes that is the answer.
3. Fashion consultant - Yes, I'm the next Clint and Stacy
4. Correct again.
5. an LOL all the things I loved in college. Coke and Spago's. Yum. And Sinead O'Connor. Don't you miss her?
6. LOL again. "What awesome substances am I allergic to? Wow - I have no idea! Looking back on our college days, I can honestly say it can't be dirt, dust or dirty laundry! (and definately not spaghettios or coke!)"
7. Correct again.

Yeah, I'll get that shirt out shortly. I would love to see those pictures, just not on FB.

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