Monday, February 16, 2009

...I'll just go ahead and say it.

I'm not a fan of Brangelina. There, it's out there. Feel free to stop following. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that she might be collecting children to fill a neediness hole she seems to have. You'd have thought I ripped up a picture of the Pope on SNL. (How's that for the oldest reference of the day?)

"But they do so much good in the world, and give orphans a home."

Yeah, well I'm sure as a percentage of earned income versus charitable giving there are lots of people who exceed their giving. Not dollar for dollar. Percentage for percentage. Not to mention that most of my friends have their share of orphans, and are doing it without the attention Brangelina is getting from the press.

While we're at it, I'm not a fan of Kate either. Yes, the Kate from Jon and Kate plus Eight. I have a huge problem with how she speaks to her husband, or at the very least how she allows herself to be shown speaking to her husband. Really, come on, you have 2 million people watching your show every week, do you really think that Jon not buying things with a coupon is taking food out of the kids mouth? It's not. What it's doing is saying, yet again, that men are stupid and they need to be reminded it of it.

I'll admit that I am not always the spot on wife, but I try not to yell at my husband like a child in front of people. I try not to do it at all. And if I had proof, week after week, after week, that I did. I'd work on getting it under control. I have been known to yell at the kids, but I'm working on that.

I think I'll leave the other American icons alone for now.


Rachel and Jacob said...

good thoughts! I see where you are coming from :)

hsmomma5 said...

I agree wholeheartedly with BOTH sentiments. Brangelina makes me sick. And Kate is so over the top that I cannot even stomach that show.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

ugh, Katie Holmes is who I thought you were gonna slam. I can't stand that one. Kate, I never watched the show. If I want to see a bunch of kids running around having meltdowns, well there is no sense wasting electricity on THAT!

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