Monday, February 16, 2009

...for an observation, or two.

Why is it that when there are two activities taking place in one room, that one segment of the room's population thinks that if they turn up the TV that the computer people will take the hint and put in earphones as opposed to turning up the computer volume? It never works, first the volume on the tv, then the computer, then people in the play room assume that since it's already so noisy that they won't be noticed. I noticed.

Why is it that women who are married to a psychopath always tell the husband they are leaving them for another man, and then go to bed? Hello???? Do you own a television? Have you somehow missed the entire Lifetime Television Network? Tell them in the morning and sleep somewhere else that night. I'm just saying.

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hsmomma5 said...

You are a mess girl! :)

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