Tuesday, February 17, 2009

...I need an intervention

A divine one. The workhorse of our home is ill. It's alive, but barely kicking. Our washing machine is making a noise, which is other worldly. It will need to be exorcised, or replaced. It's given us so many loads of fresh clean laundry. It has been with us through good times and better times. It has seen kids come and go, and yet it fought on day after day.

OK, I'm over it. Now I have to complain, that even with the amount of pressure our washer is under, why can't it last five years. This one, was purchased the first year we fought robots in Vegas, so 2005. It replaced the one before which was purchased in 2000, late 2000 if I recall. So, why can't a washing machine last 4.5 years? My grandma, who did not have 20 kids, still had her avocado green one when she died not that many years ago. I don't recall them ever selling avocado green appliances while I was alive.

So, I'm hoping that Whirlpool wants to prove me wrong and give me a Duet system.....I will blog about every wonderful load that I do, for many, many years. I will say this thing is never going to die, it's the most wonderful washer in the world, and it's red. So, dear Whirlpool hear my pleas, give me a Duet system.

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