Wednesday, February 11, 2009

...I have this friend....

and this friend, well she's a foster parent. And she's had, let's say, three kids for a really long time. And today they had a 4 HOUR visit. And this friend realized that the mama had never had all 8 kids with her for more than two hours at one time. So, this friend was in the middle of a quiet dinner with the rest of her family when the mama called her to ask if they were on their way. They weren't. Mama then told mommy that CPS was calling it short, they weren't. Mommy said ok and finished her dinner and picked them up at the four hour mark.

Note to that friend's baby mama. This is what you are asking for. 24/7/365. No one is coming to relieve you in three hour increments. 24/7/365. Every day. All day. And you have to take them outside of a 200 square foot room. And you won't be able to ply them with gifts everyday. Sometimes you'll have to tell them no. Sometimes you'll have to feed them something resembling a meal that isn't necessarily happy. Let's go home and think about this tonight. Because if you get what you think you want, this will be your life.


hsmomma5 said...

Girl, I would SO vote for you if you'd run for President!!!


Tracey said...

I hope you inform CPS of this.....obviously SHE IS NOT READY! ugghh!

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