Wednesday, February 11, 2009

...I'm three kids short

They are at a visit, it was supposed to be Thursday, which isn't today. Seems they forgot the caseworker had court tomorrow on another matter. Your tax dollars at work my friend, so "PLEASE ANNIE WE KNOW YOU HAVE NOTHING TO DO, PLEASE REARRANGE YOUR SCHEDULE".

Ok, there was no whining which was implied by the all caps, but geesh, get your schedules on a PDA or something.

So, what have I done with all this free time? I discovered my right ankle is where I carry my tension. And I'm going out to eat with the big boys. Thought you'd like to know.


hsmomma5 said...

Enjoy your little break girl!

Maury said...

Yeah, I love how the workers just assume you don't have other things to do. Like, the other day I took my baby for a visit, got there (I have to drive 30 mins one way) and she said, "oh, dad just canceled 10 mins ago...I will let you know if we can just do it tomorrow." I am like...THANKS for asking me if that was o.k. and all since I just wasted an hour of my life on nothing. That crap happens all the time and drives me crazy.

Rachel and Jacob said...

wow out to eat- i want to go out to eat....

im back at the daycare (the foster care daycare) ahhh. I want my license! but you know it will happen....

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