Friday, January 2, 2009 look at my aeroponic plants

These are 2/7 of my Aerogarden plants. These were 'planted' eight days ago. I have two more just like these and three that are just waking up. The kids are already asking when we can eat them. Looks like a week or two and we'll have salad.

I hope this can keep up with our salad demands:) Otherwise our house will be aglow with grow lights, and the guys who stakeout our neighbor may turn their sights on us.

If I could label from mobbile blogger the label would be....'because I know you care'


Lisa said...

I've been wondering if those things work. Wonder if it would'd work with a black thumb????

Annie said...

I'll let you know. So far, works as promised. They've grown since I took the picture this morning even.

Mirror, mirror on the wall who has the blackest thumb of all?

That'd be me.

Rachel said...

Of course we care. And I have a bloggy challenge for you. See my blog.

Click this and I will send you flair:)

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