Monday, January 19, 2009, uh, big day tomorrow

That's right, after weeks of anticipation, it's here. January 20, 2009. Booger's Durpay. We're very excited around here. Apparently there will be balloons and FIRE. I do believe that the little Princess will be joining him in the festivities. She had decided awhile back that she would not be sharing her Durpay with anyone, let alone a boy. Like I said, she's rethought the ramifications of waiting.

Booger has requested that our friend make him a Diego cake with spiders and fire. It should be AWESOME.

Princess has not gotten in her cake order.

At any rate, they will have to settle for the chocolate chocolate cake that I make, the awesome cake will have to wait until the "We're all four" party we have with our friends and supporters in February.

I do want to give a shout out to baby sister as we leave her in the threes. I will give a longer version of the story later, but Mama has six kids, we have three of them. At the time the youngest was born, five of them were under the age of three. Bdays are 1*03, 3*04, 1*05, 1*05 and 11*05. Had we taken baby sister we would have had four under 2. But we see her she hates me, and she could be Booger's twin.

So, yep, tomorrow is a big day, balloons and fire and whatnot. Were you thinking it was something different?

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Rachel said...

I am becoming obsessed with getting the whole scoop behind these kids. So did you not ever get the youngest kid? But you see the mom? Or you see the youngest kid because she's in another foster home?

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