Tuesday, January 20, 2009

...I'm preparing a HUGE birthday dinner

The kids have requested, of all things, Lunchables. What does that say about me? Or my cooking? Oh my gosh, they'll probably want to eat it in front of the tv as their bday activity. We are an exciting bunch.

I'm weighing the pros/cons of actually serving Lunchables for dinner on their bday. Can you imagine the counseling they will bill me for as teenagers?

"All our horrible mother ever fed us on our birthdays was Lunchables. Woe are we."

"And the only thing we ever did for our birthday was eat our Lunchables in front of the tv."

"And we didn't even get our own birthday."

I'll be putting up a Chip In link on my sidebar, be sure to contribute.

The other aspect I'm considering is just how that would look in the monthly report to CPS. 'On the children's birthday we splurged and got them Lunchables and let them watch tv, we never let them watch tv, they should be thankful they were born, otherwise there would be no tv.'

I think the poor children will have to settle for a nice home cooked meal. Don't even start with me on the cake. Boog is requesting a Diego cake with spiders and fire. Princess wants a Puppy cake with dark curly hair. "Hello, Shanda?????" But don't worry, those will be the cakes for the 'real party, you know when people come over' not the actual family birthday.

So look for me on the News tonight, ruining their birthday with real food and swimming. I'll be traveling to Hollywood later this month to accept my Lifetime Achievement Award for Worst Parent Ever.


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

LMAO, lunchables are AWEsome! There is like, 3, maybe 4 food groups in there if you include the floor sweepings in the 'meat'.
I tried to give GEnea brownies instead of dinner on her birthday, she could not get it. Kept saying she would eat her brownie after dinner. A bit on the rigid side, that one.
Have fun! Lunchables rule!

Rachel said...

You are clearly the best mom ever. :) And I WOULD like you IRL. I just know these things.

hsmomma5 said...


Hope you had a great evening!

Brandon Cunningham said...

Best grandmother ever let me eat Chili dogs for Thanksgiving one year. Not just any chili dogs but microwaved ones from 7-11. We even had to microwave them at 7-11 because we didn't own one yet. So who knows you may be the best mom ever. It depends on who is voting.

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