Monday, January 5, 2009

...six years ago, adjusting for calendar differences

But, six years ago, the night before we returned to school from Christmas break, we sat the kids down and explained to them that there would be NO MORE TV during the week. Roran, cried, big huge histrionics, it was the WORST THING EVER!!!! (little did she know)

We even, and this is how long ago it was, offered to record on the VCR any shows they might want to watch during the week, and save them for the weekend. Three kids could only come up with two different shows. Sponge Bob and Gilmore Girls. I ever so lovingly (as far as you know, but it's my blog, so yeah, lovingly)pointed out that they were spending 4 hours a night in front of the tv and they only wanted to watch 2 shows.

Well, I'm happy to report that we are all still alive. Even Roran, who coincidentally does not have a tv in her apartment.

I'm sure I've explained the no tv thing before, but I've been a parent long enough to know, that once isn't always enough.

We had spent Christmas with our parents, hubby's dad did not own a tv, his mother still had three channels. What I noticed during our visit, is that no one was fighting over the remote, or whose turn it was. They also HEARD me when I asked them to do something, and came when called to dinner. It was a Christmasish miracle as far as I was concerned. When we returned home it was back to standing in front of the tv to get their attention, and that's not how I wanted to live my life.

To be fair, I still watch tv during the week, while they are at school and after everyone is in bed, but hey, I'm writing those big ol' checks to the cable company, I can watch tv if I want.

Are we 100% perfect? NO, but I'd say we're about 98% tv free from 3-9 Sunday-Thursday. And our DVR is always full, so we're always watching what we want to. I've even weaned myself to the point where I can delete without watching. Oooh, wait. Yep, just checked I am still alive.

Whenever I wonder if we could let a little tv in, the school is kind enough to take a break and I know, that no tv is better for the most part. It allows us to do all that swimming and drumming, and soon to be dancing.


Amy said...

I am a weirdo about tv. My kids are going to hate me! Oh well!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

ooooooooooh no tv? WHo do you talk to-- each other???? How are the kids gonna learn to interact with machines if they have no tv?
(hopefully this is funny and not just bizzare)

Rachel said...

We ne'er watch t.v., either. Movies, sometimes. But ours are little. know. They have no idea what's normal.

Over Christmas, we were playing "Wii" at my parents house, and my husband said to our 4 year old, "Honey, Wii is for grown-ups only." bwahahahahahaha

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