Friday, January 23, 2009

...I weigh the options

My son just texted me. Now there are three options here...

1. He's speaking txt and I don't know speak it fluently

2. He's goofing with me, which is so inappropriate in this house


3. He's being left behind

Here's his txt and I quote (Oh put down the beverage this one got me) "I got A/B on a roll"

I can barely type......


Amy said...

Sounds like a celebration is in order! YAY!

Rachel said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAAaa just accept it.

Tiffany said...

yea!!! The texting part. I still don't get, To slow and half the time I tell Paige to text her self from my phone to hers. I just don't get it. On a sweeter note, I do have to admire her boyfriend that calls the house phone wanting to actually speak to my daughter. Yes, there still is a human being out there who knows how to pick up a phone to talk.

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