Thursday, January 8, 2009

...I finally answer my question

Earlier this week I asked what was the first thing you thought of when you heard the word "Christian"

When I was growing up, and going to camp anytime they'd let me, we always sang the song..."and they'll know we are Christians by our love, by our love...." I now wonder how many people, based on that criteria, know that I am a Christian.

I hope that others see a difference between me and the world. I hope they wonder what it is, and want it. But when I hear the word Christian, I cringe. When I see them marching outside of the abortion clinic, I cringe.

My world has narrowed to include mainly Christians. I love most of the people in that world. I know that most of them would be there for me at 3 a.m. if I needed. I doubt it is because they are Christian, rather that they are my friends.

Before selling out, drinking the Kool-Aid, being a rabid follower of Christ, there were no Christians in my life. There were Christians concerned about my clothing choices, or lecturing me on my choice in men, or asking me to leave their organization because I was not the type of girl who they wanted to be associated with. But they were trying to get my outside to change. They had no real concern for my inside.

While I understand that you are to cast out sinners, I think that was meant to be a last resort, not a first one. It seems like it has become part of the daily checklist of who is deemed appropriate for us to hang with.

When I hear the word "Christ" I think love. I think how he defended and befriended those we so quickly dismiss. I would love to be able to think love when I hear the word "Christian". I would really love it.

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Rachel and Jacob said...

i understand where you are coming from!

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