Thursday, January 1, 2009

...I am supposed to make a resolution or two

I know, January 1 is a perfect bench mark. As are birthdays and other such annual affairs. This is where our lives closely resemble the politicians. While they are for education and lower taxes, we never hear the plan, and we never seem to get anywhere. We all want to lose weight, get organized, eat better, quit something or another. All very noble things, but each new year rolls around and we haven't seemed to make much progress. We're begging for another chance to do it again, and yet when we're "in office" the daily grind gets us off track. We just hope that we made some progress in our last term.

So, I don't know how much better I'm doing things as opposed to last year, but can definitely see where I've made headway over say five years and I don't even know 10 years ago Annie, what was she thinking?

The challenges ahead of me in 2008 are not the same challenges I face in 2009. I don't know what I weighed last year, I'm still looking for my keys, and shoes, and sometimes clean clothes. Things I did accomplish last year were

1. No more diapers, ever. We're done.
2. Saved lots of money. See #1. Also began extreme couponing and refinanced the house to a 15 year fixed. Saving us $67,000 in interest, and believe it or not lowering our payment.
3. Swore off credit, forever. (Still causes a little anxiety saying that one)
4. Released an adult into the world.

Some challenges are leftovers from years past, can anyone say LET MY BABIES GO? Is this the final year of fostering? Is the state ever going to let us adopt these guys? I don't know, it's pretty much out of my control. We have an attorney in place should they ever try to take them, but I just want to be able to decide things for my family without running to a caseworker for permission. I think I should be able to take the kids to a pool 20 minutes away without bothering a judge for permission to travel out of county. Of course we always do that, we never forget. I want to be done with all the paperwork. Do I really need to triplicate our daily log? Or document applications of Neosporin? It is quickly approaching FOUR YEARS people.

I do think we are eating better, having three year olds is less time consuming than two year olds. Therefore less freezer and fast food.

Is my marriage better? Than last year, don't know. Than five years ago? For sure. Same with my parenting and friendships.

(The trips are currently dancing in front of the tv, it's too precious.)

My dancing, maybe that's something I'll work on this year. I am for dancing.

So anyway, if you don't get it all together this year, you'll likely get another chance in 2010.


Amy said...

FOUR YEARS! Okay, I am now officially discouraged.

My state is only supposed to have 18 months to reunite or terminate rights. FOUR YEARS!!

Please tell me you are kidding!

Annie said...

Oh that I were kidding. And to top it off the older siblings have been in about 9 months longer than my kids, who btw are NOT victims of child abuse. My question is, if they aren't victims, then why are they in foster care?

Unfortunately, it is a matter of legal wording. Legally speaking here in TX they have 18 months to have a final order on the original complaint. Which they do, they call it Permanent Managing Conservatorship, I call it Permanent Foster Care. They cannot be returned to their family of origin, nor can they be adopted. God Bless it all.

Also, Federal Law states, and has been ratified by all 50 states, that any child in foster care for 15 of the last 22 months can have the rights severed without cause. We've been working on that for about 18 months as well.

It has been a very frustrating blessing.

Amy said...

That sounds utterly ridiculous. That just breaks my heart. It must be so difficult on all of you.

I'm saying a prayer for you all, that God would have His will in your all's situations even if that means intervening in the legal aspect.

(I'm also praying that this doesn't happen to us. Isn't that selfish?)

Annie said...

We have an attorney, but we are in the legal butt kissing portion of the case. Our attorney agreed with the county attorney to give them time to resolve.

But we have some other matters at play, Mama, who has no job has been paying for a private attorney since September of '04. Which makes me believe that we are dealing with some nefarious characters.

Our next court is in May, if they don't do something then our attorney is going to. (allegedly)

And it's totally not selfish to pray for that.

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