Thursday, January 1, 2009

...for a little clarification

Now, we had what we like to call an "incident" here the other day. And after countless retellings of the story, I would like to cover my butt legally put it in perspective.

Booger was being a little curious, a little too curious. So curious in fact it was affecting his hearing. I had asked him to maybe step back a bit and focus on something else. My words fell on deaf ears. Now mind you, this was not causing a problem yet, but I could see the street signs ahead.

I'll give you the version he gave Dad later that evening, then we'll come back.

Daddy, Mommy told me to go and do something else and I didn't listen. So she spanked my butt and it went "kapow" and it scared me.

What actually happened was I put my right hand near his bottom, and clapped my left hand onto MY right hand. It did go 'kapow' and it did startle him, but once he realized what I'd done, it was HILARIOUS, and he can barely get through the telling without slapping his knee in laughter.

Luckily this happened after CPS had left for their bi-annual making sure we hadn't sold the kids welfare check. Although it is blatantly obvious to all visitors to our home that we love our little ones, and I'm sure that at least this worker would have listened to the story rather than go through all of the paperwork. But you never can tell.

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Rachel said...

haven't we all done it?

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