Wednesday, December 10, 2008

....we go over a few things

My husband has been bugging me incessantly casually mentioned once or twice that I am not fulfilling my blogging obligations to their fullest extent as of late. So, get yourself cozy, here's what you may have missed.

The UC visit.

Felpsy broke his arm, it took them almost a week to set, and he went home and took the plaster off.

I've discovered that limits are good when it comes to extreme couponing. Yesterday I got six boxes of cereal for under a dollar each. Not the granola-y kind either. Big boxes of sugar laden name brand fun. Had I had 40 coupons we may have been in trouble. 50% off no longer even gets me in the store. I'm running 80% at CVS even with buying snacks for the triplets at full price, (which is lots and it's killing my numbers). For example on Black Friday I got two sets of ear buds, a bottle of shampoo, a bottle of conditioner, three Hershey bars, three tubes of toothpaste. They ended up owing me $0.03 so I had to buy another candy bar. I also walked out of there with almost $30.00 in ECB's which allowed me the next week to buy almost two years worth of Cascade Gel Paks for about $0.75 a month. It would have been a lot less but I did the unthinkable and bought the Christmas scented ones for full price. And if there is another Seventh Generation product at a Walgreens in this town, let me know, I'm getting them for a buck or less.

I have not been running for almost a month now. Skipped that first one because I had a sinus infection and never went back. This was to be the week I was going to get back to it. Hahahaha.

Big Girl is home from college. She has survived her first semester away from the nest. And without a job. Her father found her and has been making up for the last eighteen years. She's flying to see him after Christmas and they along with half of my siblings are going to a concert together.

Big Boy is competing in a drum off this Friday for a spot in the worlds coolest band. Wahoo, more drumming.

I've learned, from a three year old, that if you say "shuty up" it's not the same as "shut up" and therefore you can't get in trouble for it. Also, no hitting does not mean any of the following:
No pulling hair
No grabbing
No pinching
No pushing

Each of these must be coverd separately to be covered it the most legalistic sense.

Not starting the washing machine does not get your clothes clean.

Radical got his first ever write up. He's in fourth grade. He was playing on the playground improperly. He was worried we'd be mad, he apparently hasn't been paying attention for the past five years. Improper playing doesn't even hit the radar.

I am remodeling the kitchen. Again. Not a big change, moving the dishwasher and adding counter space. Should be able to do it for cheap, yippee. Will be trading for the $10/50 Lowes coupons.

Booger was the victim of a random act of haircutting. It was kind of a mullet with sides, he's since been shorn. Boo hoo. I loved that hair.

Don't tell your kids anything you don't want the neighbors to know. We have a neighborhood stray that comes over to play with our babies. Boy do we now have way too much information. Also regarding strays, and this one in particular. I had been awfully annoyed with this situation. A lot of nights, right around dinner time, this seven year old girl would show up with a 40 ounce soda from the convenience store and a big bag o' Cheeto's. Here I am cooking dinner and telling my own kids not to snack and someone sends their kid over with enough junk to feed to world. I would confiscate and feed her dinner. This annoyed me. I even fought the urge to send her home a couple of times. Then one night, God smacked me when her parents showed up after we'd sat down, but before we went through the multiple "I need to pray"s. She wanted to sing the prayer songs with us before she left, "cuz it's fun and we don't get to do that at my house." Aaaaahhhhh.

Christmas is fun for me, I buy things, hide them, forget where I put them and am surprised when I find them. Totally fun.

And last but not least, whomever taught Princess to say "damit" should learn to control themselves. I say whomever, because I know it wasn't me.....

Hope that helps.

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DA Wagners said...

It so interesting how God blesses us with different writing talents. I so appreciate your writing because it always seems that mine is so somber, and I need a break from my own melancholy personality.

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