Saturday, November 1, 2008

....that's oh so sad.

At American Princess she's reporting that citizens are being asked to leave and store owners are being asked to beef up their security on election night.

I also have a friend who was a cop in DC for years. Hubby had the possibility of having a business trip in DC on Wednesday. My friend said to steer clear, there will be rioting in the streets. Win, lose or draw.

Every major city is requiring its full police force to be on duty that day. Chicago fire fighters are being asked to take home their equipment.

I know the election will be what it will be. But it saddens me that there will most likely be violence associated with this election. If the great one loses it will be perceived as a race thing, if he wins, the same.

It's so hard to avoid all of the hype associated with this election. I've heard people on the radio say they are torn, they don't like Obama, but they are black and they feel they should vote for him. One guy said it would be a dishonor to Martin Luther King Jr. if he didn't vote for Obama. MLKJ said character, not color. I am a woman but would NEVER vote for Hillary. I don't like her character, even if it would mean a uterus in the White House.

I hope that there isn't a violence, but people set fires and over turn cars when their team wins the championship.

The other thing that has irked me recently is in West Hollywood, there was a "Halloween" decoration of Sarah Palin in a noose. While everyone is "outraged" had the decoration been of another candidate, they'd be in jail.

I'm just sick to death of this whole election. Whatever the outcome I just want it to be over. I think that McCain Palin is the better choice, but am not sure he really wants the job. Bill OReilly offered him 30 minutes the other night to counter the Obamamercial, the McCain campaign turned him down. McCain is not on the offensive and they have not utilized Palin to her full potential. For Mavericks they are playing it way too conservative.

Should Obama be elected, I think his policies will go down in history to be more destructive to our country that Carter's. But what can we as a country expect, we want to be "progressive" we want to be "tolerant" we don't want to honor the God that our fore fathers did. Forget "providing" for the common defense and "promoting" the general welfare. Those words should be interchangeable. Let's promote defense and provide welfare. It's only fair.

Either way, I'll be fine. My faith is not in the political system of our country, rather the God that we once sought as a nation. While He may someday turn his back on this country He will never turn his back on me.

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