Friday, October 31, 2008

...for a picnic

With Daddy off on jury duty and Mommy stuck at home with the trips, we decided that it would be a good day for a picnic. So, during the painfully long jury duty lunch break, we went and met Daddy at the park by the sea. The boys climbed the mesquite tree, Booger "broke his skin", and we had a moment of zen.

While the lunch break was painfully long, it wasn't long enough and Daddy had to leave before we got to play in the park, which was fine, I'd have probably paid more attention to Daddy than the kids, but with him gone we were able to play a great game of hide and seek. I used "olly, olly ox in free" a lot, especially after I hit my head on a very low beam. Afterwords we walked on the pier and learned that we don't throw trash in the ocean.

Back at home, bread was rising, and rising and rising, so we had to go and rescue it. 2/3 of them will survive and be wonderful for dinner tonight, (the other third is offering itself as an afternoon sacrifice snack.) Dinner is apple smoked pork and roasted potatoes, yummo. Followed by strawberry shortcake.

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