Tuesday, November 18, 2008

...oh dang I forgot to write this one down, but it's top priority

These were erroneously left off of my Christmas list. This if it's the one behind the desk, and I think it is, because the other is vertical, or this. I am having issue with authenticity and conforming sizes. The horizontal Awesomeness is 20x23 Conformity is 16x20 I would prefer they match, size wise. Why do they have to be so difficult? But I get bonus points, because this does not involve a trip to the store. (you love me).

Also, this movie. Bueller?

Don't you just love Christmas?

And for the giving side of the holiday, hubby and I found the perfect Princess gift today. A doll that is the spitting image of our little HRM. Of course, we also bought the castle which comes with it's own princess, we decided that the princess will be the BFF, otherwise the little blondie was getting das boot. I will post pictures, once I hobble up to the attic to get presents to wrap. Also, wish us luck, it is the first year of the Wise Men gifting. Jesus got three, you get three. I'm repping Susie for that one, I think it was her that gave me the idea. We had to instill some limits this year, we are waaaaay to generous, and they end up playing with the boxes which is frustrating. So, three awesome presents coming your way.

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Sohl Gal said...

Love the posters... and I want to see expelled. Surprisingly, they're not showing it here. Hmmmm... (though I know something would end up lost in my translational skillz).

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