Wednesday, November 5, 2008

...of good election news.

Turns out that everybody elected is for education, against higher spending, and for lower taxes, (except on the evil rich) and ready to represent us in Washington or (insert state capital here).

Why is that I suspect that next election we will hear how none of them did anything for education, or the economy? I know none of us pay attention, but my Senator and Congressman both voted FOR the bailout. That's not what I wanted, and I'm assuming that the majority, based on news reports didn't want it either. I guess it's because they are so much smarter than us and we need saving from ourselves once again.

I will say Yeah for getting rid of the Alternative Minimum Tax, this week anyway. Those of us who tithe appreciate that. I'd much redistribute my wealth to the local church, at least I know they aren't getting $40 million bonus'.

In the bad news department, when polled, people overwhelmingly (60/40) said that conservative issues were important to them. But they didn't vote that way. Is it that they did not do the due diligence? Yeah, probably.

Anyway, looking forward to '12.

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Brandon Cunningham said...

In 2012 do you think people will do their homework? I fear we will hear the voice of change still coming from the left. I don't get all the bond packages passing but then again I didn't understand most of what happened last night.

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