Friday, October 24, 2008

...people bring us food.

I don't know what it is, but our neighbors are always bringing us food. It could be the numerous super skinny kids running around our yard, or the occasional beggar that could be traced back to our home, or maybe it's just neighborly.

Several weeks ago TDD (two doors down) brought us meats and cheeses, I believe it was meant to be a party tray for 50, as a thank you for us watching their dogs for the weekend. We do it to be neighborly, not the food. They also watch our dog when we are gone. He actually prefers them to us, I think. They have five dogs, but his first name is notTDD, so if they were to abduct adopt him, his new name would be TDD TDD.

NDL (next door lesser) actually started the whole process when we moved in about 100 years ago. They had kids at home at the time and the guys went fishing every weekend, and we had our share of Red Fish for awhile. Mr. NDL works on a ranch and we have gotten blackberries and watermelon. Their neighbor behind them has an orange tree that they get to keep whatever leans over their fence, we've been benefactors of those as well.

NDG (next door greater)has a grapefruit tree and every February we get buckets of them. They are not commercially available because they are flawed in that their skins are ugly, but oh so yummy on the inside. He also has a thing for tomatoes.

Well, this afternoon, about the time the neighborhood strays show up, our door bell rang. And being lazy I let the preschoolers answer. They came to report that Mrs. NDL was there with a cake. A very cute double layered pound cake, frosted to look like a pumpkin. She saw it and thought of us. Also wanted to make sure that we'd be around tomorrow because she was going to be bringing us a case of apples they were buying at a fund raiser. Yep.

We planted fruit trees in hopes to have fresh fruit circulating the neighborhood year round. Our 2nd pear tree bore its first fruit this year along with our mystery citrus tree, so one of these days we'll have fresh fruit 6 months of the year. Unless we are involved in some redistribution program.....

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