Tuesday, October 21, 2008

...my hypothesis becomes a theory.

Hypothesis: The amount of people you see, that you know, is in direct proportion to how grungy, frumpy you look.

I have not seen ONE person, that I know, at the grocery store in about a year. Today, after my run, I decided "hmmm pudding sounds good." But I wanted chocolate and vanilla striped pudding and I had to have it in a see through container. Yes, a bit OCD, in three months you can help foot the bill for my meds.....anyway, we were out of appropriately sized containers for proper pudding striping sooooo

Off to the grocery store. No need to shower, I need to carb load first, showering can wait. Not ten feet into the store I see my friend M who I used to do volunteer work with, M always has it together, today was no exception. Luckily she still thinks I'm a saint for fostering, and will be sure to spread the word that I'm so busy, I don't even have time to shower. I failed to mention to her that I was only there for proper pudding striping supplies.

Round the corner into the produce section to get caramel apple supplies.
"Hi, Annie"
"Oh crap," I thought, "who now?"
A person that I know, that I used to do business with, but now go somewhere else because of a better techno fit. I am of course a techy geek, and gadgets are cool.

I cruise through several aisles, not just looking for pudding striping supplies, but Tuesday is the day before Wednesday and I wanted to make sure I got all the great deals of the week, since I was there anyway. Then there in the cereal aisle, a mom from my kids' preschool. 8.625 months pregnant, all belly, happy as a lark, and cute as can be. I couldn't even take comfort in the fact that 'I may not look good, but at least I'm skinnier.' UPDATED MONTHS LATER - that mama had twins three weeks later. I'd say let's hate her but she's super nice. damit

Had I not found some amazing deals it would have sucked, but I even got a deal on organic milk in paper cartons, which never happens, so, fine, it was a good trip. So happy with that trip, I was, I went over to CVS and got two tubes of toothpaste, and two 2 packs of toothbrushes for $0.18 - I also got $2 in ECB for the tooth paste and $7.98 in ECB's for the tooth brushes. So, there....

You'd think I'd have come straight home to shower after that. You'd be wrong. I then went to another CVS to use my other card to get three 12 packs of Coke, a package of gummy worms, and a bottle of Powerade for $7.23 which had I bought the Coke at the grocery today I would have paid $4.59 a 12 pack, so it's not super wonderful but a great deal, I also got $2 in candy coupons for hitting a candy limit, $2 in ECB for the Coke, and $1.69 in ECB for the Powerade. So, if you report on both sides like a lot of CVSers do, I came out with about $1.60 net down.

So, it's now theory, if you want to bump into someone, go to the grocery store looking like crap and catch up with some old friends.

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