Sunday, October 12, 2008

...I overthought

Doing the Couch to 5K thing, we decided to find out exactly what a 5K looked like. That was mistake 1. It seems like forever....... Mistake number 2 was when I figured out where I had to be timewise at different milestones. Yes, I know, just completed week two, but I am a perfectionist who was raised with a microwave. I want it perfect and I want it NOW.

That is one of the perks of me following a program. I am doing the program perfectly. But it's in the back of my mind that I have to add another mile, and shave off five minutes, I'll be ok, I double my running this week which should shave about 3 minutes at my first split. So, no more thinking.

Speaking of thinking. This will be my third week CVS'ing. First week, not so great. Good but not great. Made two trips. 2nd trip without working it would have cost the same OOP as the total I spent on two trips, so first trip free I guess. I also got $12 ECB's. Last week, there was no spectacular sales on anything that we needed, so when we needed coffee I went and got some Starbucks at CVS. They had an 15/5 ECB deal. So, got a bag of coffee and a bag of espresso truffles, mmm hmmm, also a buy 2 get $1 ECB candy deal. Total was $17 something, used $12 in ECB's paid $5 OOP and got $6 in ECB's. Not spectacular, but came out ahead $1 for an emergency coffee run. Can't beat that.

This week I get to peruse the CPS file on my kids, finally maybe getting the rest of the story. We'll see. When we had our first set of kids, I went through theirs, very insightful, and unbelievable. There is good reason that they are not public. There would be lynchings all over town. And just a side note, if you are ever the victim of a crime. Don't give them your social. I had access to all the personal info of every crime victim of the other kids' parents, not that I'm doing anything with it, but the parents also had access to that info. Let's victimize these people twice, and instead of outright robbing them, let's steal their identity.

According to Omom, it's snowing in Montana, two feet expected. Wonder why we left? It's only 85 here today. There's something to be said about no seasons, in the winter anyway.

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