Friday, October 10, 2008

....I ask "Who's the fairest of them all?"

The answer I got? You. I was out for a run walk. Sky is blue, temp in the mid 80's. Wispy clouds in the sky. One little birdy singing a happy little birdy song. Every 90 seconds the sound of nothing but a bird was replaced with a fly over from the Navy planes doing there thing. It was a perfect type day.

I have chosen to avoid the distraction of an Ipod while running. It's a perfect time to think. Also, should I ever get to a marathon, I understand that regardless of your religious affiliation, Jesus shows up around mile 21, I'd like to be present for that. Also, after years of tv watching scientific research, scary men always attack running women listening to music.

So, as I was walking along, I was thinking how pretty the bird was singing. How beautiful the sky was. How cool it is that we can fly. A whole "Who am I that You are mindful of me?" moment.

Now, the only way I'm making it on to American Idol, is the gag reel, there is very little talent or gifting in my body for good popular singing. But God was kind enough to remind me that my voice is beautiful to Him. I am more beautiful than the most beautiful day. And oh so much cooler and more complex than flight. (Just ask my husband, and he'll probably figure out flight sans plane before he figures out me.)

I am very, very, very blessed to be married to someone who will not let me forget how awesome I am, but being reminded by the creator of the universe rocks too. Do yourself a favor and ask the question. You are more beautiful, more awesome, and more complex than the most beautiful of created things. More than any thing we've ever come up with.

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Rachel and Jacob said...

that sounds like a very inspiring walk! thanks for sharing.... we all need reminders!

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