Tuesday, September 9, 2008

...yet another update.

Husband was back at the doctor today, got another shot for the itching. Tests won't come back til later this week. But he is feeling much better, thank you all for your prayers.

Big Girl has applied for a job that is not in the food service industry. Wahoo. She 'really wants it bad' and wanted me to pray for her. This is great news all around, so something more for all of you with no problems of your own, or anyone really close to you to pray about for us.

Ike is apparently coming to visit. We need a snappy showtune like we had for Dolly. Makes hurricanes a little easier to deal with if you can sing a snappy tune whilst you are boarding up, and trying to remember everything you're supposed to remember.

We had originally planned to go meet the future SIL this weekend. Changed our plans due to the whole suing the state for custody of our foster children thing. Guess we should have stuck with plan A. Sorry the entire Gulf Coast region.

Speaking of our lawsuit. Waiting or a call from the attorney, who apparently spoke to the state attorney dealing with the case. I wonder if we can bill them for every hour we have to wait? Probably not, they'd lose all their money.

Even with the last two paragraphs happening guess who called today? That would be CPS setting up a visit for Saturday here. Apparently they are unaware that there is a hurricane coming. I think they were upset that I told them we were evacuating. Now they have to fill out that paperwork too.

BTW whoever booked every hotel room in Texas, thanks. It makes this process so much easier. Of course weighing our options of hotel room think Vegas with three preschoolers and mother nature?????? I'll get back to you.

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Tracey said...

GOD BLESS...I'LL BE THINKING OF YOU (hubby leg, hurican, CPS, law suit)...Yikes...your just a little stressed.

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