Tuesday, September 9, 2008

...screw the polar bears save the babies.

There are currently about 48 million political tshirts out there today, each giving its snarky poignant opinion as to who 'rocks' and who wears lipstick. My least favorite being 'Save the Polar Bears vote Obama'

Didn't we learn anything regarding evolution? Why can't the polar bears grow some opposable thumbs and get a job? Move to the suburbs or just learn to live with it? Then I remember who the polar bears want us to vote for. The left

The polar bears have no interest in bettering their lives. They seem to be content to sleep all winter long. 'Hey, maybe you should use that time to move south and acclimate yourself to warmer weather' but no. They too expect the government to save them from their own evolutionary lack. (They can live in the south, how do I know? I went to the ZOO.) And as per usual, the government expects we the people to pay for it all. Pretty soon they'll start regulating ice and Zamboni drivers will have to take an EPA class on ice sensitivity.

So, I propose we start a vast right wing conspiracy and say 'screw the bears - save a baby' and if you are worried about bringing an unwanted child into the world, I will personally buy you a stick. You can then take that stick and, calm down people, I wouldn't say that, but you can take that stick and throw it in any direction and hit so -very -many wonderful people who are anxiously awaiting a baby to call their own.


chickadee said...

can we put that on a tshirt? i'm with you.

Tracey said...

I WANT ONE OF THOSE T-SHIRTS...but I think your wording is little long to fit on the front!!!

Rachel said...

aw. i looked at your friends blog.

i can't wait till my foster license goes through!! i love holding babies...

Click this and I will send you flair:)

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