Thursday, September 4, 2008 husband and an update

First of all my husband sent his submission for my 100th post you can read it here at the bottom. or here

I asked him to keep it G, but it's a little more PG-13

In no particular order:

Your smile when you are laughing really hard

That you like really juvenile humor, like a 13 year old boy

That you think about sex more than a 16 year old boy

That when I see pictures of you from every stage of your life before we met and I think "yeah, I'd have been all over that." You would have been the girl I was peeking at in 2nd grade, the girl I wanted to kiss in 6th grade, the first girl I did kiss in 7th grade, the girl I would have thought many inappropriate thoughts about in 8th-12th grade and the girl I experimented with in college. Having said that, I'm glad I got you when I did. It's really clicking now, babe. I'm prouder than Sarah Palin's perma-smile husband.

That time a couple of weeks ago when I was exercising right before going to bed and you woke up laughing your fool head off about your "Vaginal Discharge" blog category. Classic. Or that "parking far away from the store/nice butt" inside joke.

When you get out of the shower naked and no matter what I can't look away. You'd think after nearly 12 years I could, but nope.

You introduced me to God. And I accepted Christ on the morning of your 32nd birthday, laying next to you in bed.

That you have fewer of the typical female hangups than I do. No guilt trips, inspections of my past, no jealousy, no nit-picking. Holy cow I've got it good. Thanks God!

This might not seem like a favorite thing, but I love that it scares me to think that if all goes well, we have 40-50 more years together and that every step of the way I need to make an effort to love you, serve you and be kind to you because there is a long line of guys who surely would do it in my place. I'm scared to lose you and have to remember not to become complacent.

That you are my wife. You married me. You chose to; you are happy with the decision. When we were engaged and had a fight, you wrote me a note I still have somewhere that said "All I want is to be married to you and have a billboard on my left hand that says 'I'm married to Hans!'" That you wanted to be married in a park so we could visit it any time. That you proposed to me. That you had a specific criteria about how you wanted to be married and you stuck with it, saving it for me.

That's ten, and I didn't even get to the parts about being Mom, about Big Girl, Big Boy, Radical, Felpsy, Booger & Princess. Or the part about how you are a genius. Or the lawyer's mind.

Thanks baby. Isn't he sweet? Also, he's got a staph infection and the current antibiotics aren't working. He's at urgent care now, and I haven't heard how it's going. Please pray that they can fix it and fix it soon. I am not the mushy gushy type, but I was really starting to like him after all these years and it would suck around here if he wasn't. ****Update**** He's back, got another shot, will go back on Saturday unless it gets worse. (It gets worse?)


Runningamuck said...

Hope you hear from your hubby soon.

Thanks for your words of advice you left on my post about night terrors. My heart just ached for your little foster guy. Poor guy has been through the wringer and then some. Sure helped put my "little" issue in perspective. I really appreciated it. And I mean it. =0)

JustTheFactsMa'am said...

Awwww, love....

Very, very sweet!

Praying for your husband's infection to go AWAY!

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