Monday, September 1, 2008 100th post this year

No 100 list - rather a Ten Favorite Ten Lists in no particular order

Ten Favorite Movies
Emporer's New Groove
Princess Bride
Forrest Gump
Meet the Parents
There's Something About Mary
Talladega Nights. The Story of Ricky Bobby
Ocean's Trilogy

Ten Favorite TV Shows
How I Met Your Mother
The Big Bang Theory
Dharma & Greg
CSI: Crime Scene Investigations
The Amazing Race
Gene Simmons Family Jewels
Burn Notice
Rules of Engagement

Ten Favorite Situational Snacks
Popcorn and Dr. Pepper at the movies
Dorito's and Coke for road trips
Olive Garden's Lemon Creme Cake on dessert dates
Marble Slab Strawberry with Strawberries for afternoon sugar bump
M&M's with Mountain Dew anytime, minus the Mountain Dew,
Baskin & Robins Mint Chocolate Chip in a sugar cone another dessert date favorite
Hot Chocolate Chip Cookies after school
Chocolate Chocolate cake about once a month
Angel Food Cake with Strawberries and Whipped Cream great summer dessert
M&M's and Coke - based solely on the amount consumed

Ten Favorite Places
Greenough Park in Missoula, Montana walking along the river and we got married there
Albuquerque, New Mexico - a great energy and beautiful to boot
Painted Desert, Arizona - Gorgeous
Las Vegas, Nevada I love the heat and the energy there, also like that you can drink or smoke where ever you want. I don't drink or smoke, but love that freedom still exists in some places in America.
Huntington Beach, California (the first place I saw the ocean and fell in love with it)
Seaside, Oregon - a beachy little town
The place we snorkeled in Hawaii
The place we windsurfed in Hawaii
Lupo's in Vegas at the Mandalay Bay - I could live there
Any place the Newsboys are playing

Ten Future Favorite Vacation Destinations
San Francisco, California
Aztec Pyramids in Mexico
Victoria Falls South Africa
Great Wall of China
Alaska during the Northern Lights
Pyramids in Egypt
New York City

Ten Favorite Possibilities for a Last Meal
Cheeseburger, Fries and a thick Chocolate Shake from a 50's type diner
Caldo Xochitl, Spring Salad with Walnut Dressing, and bread from Waterstreet
Petit Kobe steaks with a black truffle reduction from Lupo
The heavenly strawberry dessert from Lupo
Steak and Potatoes from just about any national steak house chain
Steak and Wasabi Potatoes from Chinois with a spring roll appetizer
Any bread product that I make
My stir fry
My mom's rolls and chicken noodles
My grandma's roast

Favorite Compliments Received
You smell like a flower (babies tell me regularly)
It smells like yum in here (Booger when I bake bread)
Thank you for the best meal I EVER (underlined) had (a thank you note from a dinner guest)
Almost anything that comes out of my husbands mouth, although I cannot share most of them.
When my husband tells people I'm his smokin' hot wife.
I love your purse - anytime I carry my black patent Dooney and Bourke
I love your hair - thanks Pat and sorry but I've finally replaced you Michael, if it makes you feel any better it took seven years.
You have beautiful children.
Did you have her when you were 12? (I choose to view this as I don't LOOK old enough to have a kid that old, rather than you were a slutty 12 year old)
I couldn't do what you do.

Favorite Bible Verses
1 Corinthians 15:10
Hebrews 3:13
Philippians 2:2
2 Corinthians 12:15
Ephesians 3:20-21
Psalms 119:105
Romans 8:28
Proverbs 11:22
2 Timothy 3:16-17
John 3:16

Favorite Songs/Artists
David Crowder Band
Third Day
Toby Mac
Counting Crows
Journey in the 80's
I Want to Be Like Jesus - written by Skip Mozisek sung by someone else at Purpose Driven Song Seeker 2004 - (it takes awhile to load)
I secretly like Josh Grobin
Rich Mullins
My husband who plays guitar in the house, it's very comforting

Nice things my husband said about me

I asked him to keep it G, but it's a little more PG-13

In no particular order:

Your smile when you are laughing really hard

That you like really juvenile humor, like a 13 year old boy

That you think about sex more than a 16 year old boy

That when I see pictures of you from every stage of your life before we met and I think "yeah, I'd have been all over that." You would have been the girl I was peeking at in 2nd grade, the girl I wanted to kiss in 6th grade, the first girl I did kiss in 7th grade, the girl I would have thought many inappropriate thoughts about in 8th-12th grade and the girl I experimented with in college. Having said that, I'm glad I got you when I did. It's really clicking now, babe. I'm prouder than Sarah Palin's perma-smile husband.

That time a couple of weeks ago when I was exercising right before going to bed and you woke up laughing your fool head off about your "Vaginal Discharge" blog category. Classic. Or that "parking far away from the store/nice butt" inside joke.

When you get out of the shower naked and no matter what I can't look away. You'd think after nearly 12 years I could, but nope.

You introduced me to God. And I accepted Christ on the morning of your 32nd birthday, laying next to you in bed.

That you have fewer of the typical female hangups than I do. No guilt trips, inspections of my past, no jealousy, no nit-picking. Holy cow I've got it good. Thanks God!

This might not seem like a favorite thing, but I love that it scares me to think that if all goes well, we have 40-50 more years together and that every step of the way I need to make an effort to love you, serve you and be kind to you because there is a long line of guys who surely would do it in my place. I'm scared to lose you and have to remember not to become complacent.

That you are my wife. You married me. You chose to; you are happy with the decision. When we were engaged and had a fight, you wrote me a note I still have somewhere that said "All I want is to be married to you and have a billboard on my left hand that says 'I'm married to Hans!'" That you wanted to be married in a park so we could visit it any time. That you proposed to me. That you had a specific criteria about how you wanted to be married and you stuck with it, saving it for me.

That's ten, and I didn't even get to the parts about being Mom, about Big Girl, Big Boy, Radical, Felpsy, Booger & Princess. Or the part about how you are a genius. Or the lawyer's mind.


Tracey said...

Boy I'll make your year all in one day! How about if I say this...

You smell like a flower
It smells like yum in here
Thank you for the best meal I EVER had
I love your purse
I love your hair
You have beautiful children.
Did you have her when you were 12?
I couldn't do what you do.

Have a good you see these have to be honet because I left off the ones that your husband would say....

~Deanna~ said...

ROFLOL I am so stealing this post! I'm glad you found me, I'll be "bookmarking" your page and enjoying your posts for many days to come. I hope you had a good birthday! Congrats on so many posts! Maybe one day I'll catch up...

Click this and I will send you flair:)

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