Monday, August 4, 2008

...I can see clearly now

Last week I went to pick out new glasses. I got pink girly ones, to add to my collection of black studious, and nearly invisible ones. As the optician was entering my order into the computer the computer kept rejecting it. Judging beeps from the computer hinting to me that I should skip looking for glasses and start looking for a well trained dog.

She apologized as she dialed the phone to see if someone on the other end could override the limits, I told her it was ok - I was not unaware that I am blind. OK, not blind, but without correction I can't tell my children apart at opposite sides of the room. I'm so blind that when they ask me what the smallest line I can read is, I cannot tell there is anything there to read. Even the gigantic E that is the size of a persons head. Can't see it. I can tell there is a light shining but cannot distinguish the borders of it. Just a big ball of light.

The nice thing about being nearly blind in America, is that it is little more than an inconvenience. In many parts of the world I would be virtually useless. My whole life would be out of focus, faint blurs where people should be, driving, if allowed, would be impossible. I may not even be able to find my way home, who knows. I am sure I would adapt. The thing is, there are people in this world right now who have my vision problems and no way to correct them. But I can do something for them. I can donate my old glasses to some charity that takes them to the parts of the world that need them. So, I'm rouding up all the old unused glasses and doing just that.

Our church discussed its vision for the next year this past weekend. Brought everything into focus, sharpened up the blurriness. It's a good reminder to do it with my own life. Can I see what is in front of me? Or am I just wandering toward featureless blurs in front of me, unable to determine if they are something I want until they are within arms length. I have done it a thousand times. Wandered towards something shiny in the distance, only to find I'd wasted my time chasing after it. With a clear vision we can see what is out on the horizon and decide whether it is something we want to pursue, or if it's getting us closer to what we are pursuing. Instead of wasting our time wandering after whatever catches our eyes.

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Sohl Gal said...

Oooh! Shiny! Dang...

I get that. I'm so getting that right now. Thanks for sharing your sharpened visions with me!

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