Friday, August 29, 2008

...I begin to look forward to the presidential race

Thank you John McCain for adding even more drama to this years race. For those of you who get your news exclusively from me.....ok never mind. But picking a chick for the VP. Bravo. Regardless of how I feel for McCain personally, I will be voting for him on the off chance that he keels over and thwarts any chance that Hillary would become the first woman president. Sorry Omom.

I know nothing about this woman. It's Sarah Palin. Governor from Alaska. Barely back from maternity leave. If she doesn't distract from the "old white guy" ticket, I don't know who would.

We here (I just realized I cannot abbreviate my blog title), are not political pundits, but I was speculating that maybe Hillary would somehow sabotage the Obama campaign in the hopes that McCain would get elected and she could come back in four years, I think she may be hyperventilating right now. Now she HAS to support Obama, because another woman would then be one fairly old heart beat from the presidency. Either way, this has got to have her fuming. Which makes me happy.

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Megan said...

I liked Sarah's speech (what I saw of it anyway). Don't know too much about her yet, but I was definitely voting McCain (in a better than the other guy kind of decision making)anyway. Gotta give McCain a well-played for the whole female VP. And another well-played to Polin for thanking Hillary. That may have swayed a few die-hard Hillary fans who aren't too fond of Obama.

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