Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I so enjoyed the confessions of my real live friends I decided to join in.

My first confession is I'm blogger ignorant. I'm trying the enclosure link feature and I'm not sure how it will work. If it doesn't work I will correct it, but I don't know if the google reader sends out an original copy and an edited copy when I correct something, if it does enjoy this twice. I'm also judgemental about misspellings and simultaneously afflicted at times with the condition myself. ****Note it didn't work like planned I don't know what's wrong with my understanding*****

I may be the reason for boob envy. I've been asked in the middle of Bible study (not by anyone loosely affiliated with this blog) if they are real, they are. There is no taping, or lifting or padding involved. I'm sorry if my boobies cause envy. I will not judge a booby intervention, all girls should love their girls.

I still believe that I am lazy and sometimes act accordingly. It was my moniker as a child and I met that expectation with all the gusto I could muster. While the three preschoolers that I taught to swim are swimming, I contemplate the six fed kids and a house that wouldn't qualify for an Oprah intervention, the piles of completed paperwork and the perfectly balanced household budget and think, "maybe I'm not lazy." Then I quickly go back to being lazy.

I hate that there are stupid people out there with degrees. I love education, and feel that I am well educated, but I can't stand school, preventing me from obtaining a degree. Then I deal with people who have degrees but no education reaffirming to myself that a degree means as much as the paper it is written on in some cases.

I get mad at the state for not following their own laws when it comes to foster care and more directly how it affects my family. I get mad that it's no ones job to help these kids. I get mad that the department blames the DA, the DA blames the judge and the judge doesn't have to answer to anyone. I get mad at God for not resolving it for us, we've asked 4,000 million times.

I have zero people skills, less when there is a phone involved. My husband overlooks my people skills, or maybe he's just looking at the boobies.

I don't care how my kids look in public. If they can dress themselves they are free to be. If you think I can't parent my kid because he's three and likes to wear his pants backwards, then that's your problem. Every teacher my nine year old has had has cried when they talk about how awesome he is. He once wore the same outfit everyday for a year.

I enjoy dressing all girly. I am upset that all girly conflicts with my role as a mom at times. I laugh at Everybody Loves Raymond the early years, not because it was funny, but the mom was always dressed in mini skirts and matching sweater sets, she would then take three preschoolers to the park. It all changed when the actress had her own kids. She looked a lot more schlumpy. I felt better.

I wish I had more girl friends before I had kids. I love my girl friends now, but we all have kids and we don't have a lot of goof off time.

So, your turn to confess it all.

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DA Wagners said...

You're so hilarious! Be proud of the girls that you got, but let the rest of us shed a few tears for the girls we lack (by the way, I'm talking about boobs here)!

I love the whole thing about your kid being smart/likeable and dressing how he wants. Sometimes I think we as parents rob our children of their innocents by constantly reminded them of how other people see them. They don't care and neither should we! Bravo!!!

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