Saturday, July 26, 2008

One Again

Finally all my pieces are back from our various adventures around the country. I gathered some after parting the red sea (I37) yesterday to go and fetch them all. Dolly part two was parked on the highway but I wasn't spending one more night without him.

It's so nice being together as a family that hubby and I left them all to go to the movies, even more to a Will Ferrell movie which he doesn't appreciate like I do. But he's hoping to see me laugh cuz he thinks i'm super pretty when I laugh. I'm just hoping that I don't hurt myself. (don't waste your time or money)

He hates being away from me too, it's because he hates coming home to the frat after party gone bad. Let's just say he puts up with a lot. Here's hoping he never wants to trade in...uh... whatever it is that I do here for a clean house. (I asked. He doesn't - aren't I lucky?)

I do have my good points, I can misquote Twain's thoughts on blogging, and the bread, yummo. I spend no time getting ready, and I am always asking super bright questions, I may be a true blonde. I am just happy to have my man back.

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Sugar-n-Spice said...

you're hilarious. i'm so glad i found you! since, you know, it was such hard work and i've been searching for so long. ;) actually, i think it was you that found me. in that case, thank you. ;)

i ask a lot of bright questions, too. and i always think that particular actor was in this or that movie when he/she was younger. i'm ALWAYS wrong.

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