Monday, July 28, 2008

...I can lift my own arm

I know, marvel at my super powers. This may not seem like a big deal to anyone. But it is huge to me. I have had pain in my left arm since October. Yes, I saw a medical professional shortly thereafter, "take these, don't use your arm." Well, that didn't so much work for me. I was told to go to the chiropractor, but come on, chiropractor.....please.

I was wrong. By April I couldn't even sleep without pain, let alone do anything. And yes it worked. But it was slow going. Even as late as three weeks ago, I was having more pain days than not. I couldn't brush my hair without strategizing the least painful way to do it. I'd been seeing a guy locally about three times a week, and figured that the stress of travel to Vegas would require me to see someone there. I googled Las Vegas Chiropractors, and found one I knew how to get to.

Providence intervened and I happened to find a guy who could fix my problem. I scheduled three appointments with him, although by the time I left the first one I was questioning my thought process. Day one he beat the crap out of me. Seems my shoulder had locked up, verified through MRI, and he just so happened to be an expert in locked shoulders. So, he beat me up and other than the bruising that I felt when I left, I was no longer in pain. Praise Jesus.

By Friday I could carry a three year old. It was a miracle. For the most part I didn't have pain during the week, even though I was doing things that I ought not have been. I left his office that Friday with exercises. The main one I could not do. The exercise was the ever difficult lift my arms out to the side. I could do it, but not in one fluid motion. I'd have to stop several times along the route and adjust my position. Well, not anymore. I can lift my arm!

It reminds me of cheering when babies walk, we are all so amazed. Why? I don't marvel at the sight of my four year old walking across a room. In fact, it would be easier to catch him if he couldn't :) We can judge everyone else for the problems we don't have, I am probably the worst offender.

I'm sure that somewhere down the road I will take my arm for granted again. Even if I limit it to the daily physical functioning of my body I'm taking 1,000's of things for granted, I can breathe, I can walk, I can smell and taste and hear and see. But for now my arm will remind me that while I may be able to "walk across a room" without difficulty in some area of my life, there are others out there who are just learning, or who are injured and are relearning and I need to be amazed.

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