Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm Going to need a vacation after this

We have made it to morning three of six, and some of us are barely hanging on emotionally. We came to fight robots, there seems to be a robot issue but with 15 year old boys that's about as much info as I can get. There was talk yesterday of faking his own death.

Big girl has historically taken the pictures for the competition, not so much this year. Of course she was not informed of this prior to arrival, so lots of unneccessary camera and computer equipment, but extra help for me.

Which brings us to little middle boy. A panic attack on the plane got the ball rolling, Monday night another at the restaurant got him so wound up he nearly barfed. And despite the hundreds of hours of parent training i've received they've never gone over how to keep a determined four year old out of a fountain of which there are a LOT here.

Booger is doing fine. A little anxious without his twin, he barfed in the rental car last night. Luckily he was so excited to leave the hotel he refused to take blankey, finding laundry facilities to wash blankey in Vegas at midnight would not have been the recipe for happy mom.

And the toilet overflowed at midnight last night...i'm sure we'll find Playdough or a truck in there later, everyone should get those 19 golf ball toikets. Maybe Obama can do something about that for us. has not been all bad. I gotten a lot of special treatment. My brother in law HOOKED us up with some food....I may never eat again it just can't be topped. We were VIP'd at Lupo last night. A Wolfgang Puck Italian restaurant at the Mandalay Bay. I would tell you to get the Kobe petit steaks, but they are not on the menu, and I would tell you to forego the way they usually do it and go with the Black Truffle butter reduction, but that was just for me. And I don't know what y'all are doing with the croutons, but Bravo. As if the awesome croutons and Kobe weren't enough, when we were hemming & hawing over whether to even have dessert, Josh said he'd just bring us something. I don't even know what it was, but I went to another place. It was strawberry heaven. And AGAIN if that wasn't enough they were quite accomodating to the kiddos. With two teens and two preschoolers eating out can present some challenges, once again Josh had surprises for them coming out of that kitchen all night long. He insisted that they weren't bothering anyone, ever. I would disagree, they were bothering me, but Josh is truly gifted in persuasion and got me to letitgo.

As a bonus, my shoulder feels the most awesome it's felt for awhile. I got some electromagnetic radio something or another treatment on it the other day, almost full range of motion with NO pain. Last week I could barely lift a can of Coke, (Pepsi has taken over the strip, run.....but good for Pepsi) and now I can carry Booger, don't know if I'm s'posed to, but I CAN.

I took to boys to Bounce U, (link to come when I find free wireless access, I'm still blogging from the cell phone and a timely link is not worth 15 bucks, y'all still have the Google right?) they loved it, little middle got creative with the "proper usage" and was scaling the back of the 30' high jumbo slide, at least it got dusted this month, but they SLEPT that afternoon. We'll be going back Friday.

Love and miss some of you, wish you were here.

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