Wednesday, July 16, 2008

FW: Not Necessarily the News From Vegas Part 1

NOTE This was originally sent Monday but somehow didn't make it. Will be out of order.

While it is possible to travel with one bag per person, you must leave your laptop at home. We did not, we took two. Add to the fact that two travelers had no interest in carrying their own stuff, and the need for carseats and we look like the Israelites leaving Egypt. Thank God for teens who understand the concept of reaping and sowing. They were a big help.

Security Note: All of the kid travel tips say to bring pipe cleaners and playdough. Let's all think for a minute how that's gonna look in the xray machine. Do yourself a favor and dump the boredom bag contents directly into the bin and repack.

Since we leave from a small airport, even the most minor bag sometimes needs to be gatechecked. This experiences resulted in an eruption for us. The combination of a ten year old zipper and rough handling resulted in big girls unmentionables being displayed for all of Vegas to see. Guess I'll be shopping for luggage today.

Apparently we still have some attachment issues to deal with. Some lady thought little middle was cute and said to him "you're cute, how would you like to go to Vegas with me?" well little middle thought that was a great idea. Hanging with us was no longer an option for him. Worse luck yet, we happened to be on the same plane. The multiple stressors of new experiences resulted in a psychiatric break at 32,000 feet. So for about an hour we had kicking and screaming and beating on the seat in front of us, and little middle exploiting my gimpiness. You may see me on dateline.

Upon arrival at the car rental, see Seinfeld episode on car rentals, they tried to tell me a five passenger car was better than a minvan. Well, if I didn't need 7 seats.....

And in weather... High 80's this is Vegas I want 110.

And finally this evening Miss USA pagaent queens were working Fremont Street last night. Little middle is in love with all of them we have a headshot from almost every beauty queen in the country. And they ate him up. When the time comes he'll be quite a playa.

More mobile blogging lata.

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