Thursday, July 31, 2008

...I Remember What I'd Forgotten

I love to cook. When I do it, I think I do it well. Today was a cooking day. It's not that it was time consuming or difficult or anything, but it was very relaxing. The kids knew there would be bread dough and bread in it for them so they pretty much left me alone.

Our friends are coming over, yea! He was accidently propositioned last week via a misdirected text, so we felt obligated to at least offer dinner. Not true, the obligated part the text part was totally true, and very funny. Actually we invited them over because we missed them and she broke her arm and we love them and did I mention we missed them. Life has been so busy and with 11 kids between us we don't really make time.

So, we invited, they accepted with the condition that bread would be involved. Which I had anticipated. My husband asked if we wanted to take anything over to help out due to the arm situation, I told him she'd only want bread.

Anyway, so back to the remembering part. I love to cook. It's very relaxing. I love having friends over. I love that they are close enough to make an ask of themselves for bread.

So, off to pull a couple more loaves out of the oven. I think they should make a fresh baked bread candle, it smells sooooo good.

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Brandon Cunningham said...

We had a blast and very much love you guys too! Renee' was very touched by the time we spent together. All the food brought to the house the last week was great but getting out and hanging with our friends was a blessing. We need to do a group date night sometime soon. Of course after the txt situation we may need to do a group date lunch and keep it in the daylight.

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