Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Works for me Wednesday

When I travel I only take a backpack. I am genetically predisposed to kitchen sink packing, the backpack is a self imposed limit that I love. Also helpful when traveling with a large family, can you imagine 1 carry on, 1 personal item, 2 checked bags x 8. I can, it ain't pretty. And now that they charge for the first checked bag, expensive.

With a backpack we can fit all of our luggage in the van, we avoid baggage claim, we avoid a week in CRP with no undies because our bag is in CPR. If we run out of clothes many places have something I like to call a laundromat.

I still take too much, is that possible?

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Tracey said...

Thank God your foster kids have a mom like are a saint!!!

Heather said...

Wow! I love the idea, but don't know if I could ever do it. I, too, have "kitchen sink genes," although my brother didn't inherit them for some reason. (He moved to Japan for two years and only brought one suitcase!) Can you list what you bring so I can use it as a skeleton for my next travel adventure! Thanks for the great post!

Annie said...

3-1-1 Bag whether or not we are flying. Tide now has sink laundry packs, awesome.

A camping clothesline, it is a bungy chord loosely braided that you can hang up wet clothes without hooks.

No more than 2 pair of pants, I take jeans and dressier neutral. If you include the pair you wear when you leave, wear them each 2x that's six days no laundry. During the summer you can do 4 shorts/skirts.

Five mix and match shirts. I always seem to buy shirts on vacation too.

Underwear for every day you'll be gone, I put them in a ziploc as to avoid any awkward security moments.

I do not take jammies, I take yoga pants or sweats, they do double duty if you want to do something athletic. Last year in Albuquerque I had to rock climb in jeans. Not ideal.

I wear slip on shoes if we fly and pack my tiniest running shoes. Flip flop weather I'll take an extra pair.

A bag for makeup, meds, jewelry and whatnot. Olay Daily Facials will eliminate the need for face soap and makeup remover.

Swimming suit.

When we have little ones I pack them all in one bag and use it for laptop padding. I front pack that one and they carry their comfort items in a small backpack. Always rent a Chrysler minivan, they have integrated carseats.

My "personal item" is one of those zip up picnic blankets, I put in a travel neck pillow, a pair of warm fuzzy socks, my littlest purse and whatever I'm reading. This avoids the need to use an airline "pillow" and blanket, and satiates my blankie need while I am away. My husband teases me because when I didn't do that I once bought a blankie in Vegas in July.

That will easily get you through a week, you'll probably even discover it's too much.

Don't forget chargers, and headphones.

chickadee said...

is it really possible? for a 7 day cruise? it sounds too good to be true.

Anonymous said...

I love packing light for myself, but find it hard to do with 2 kids (1 still in diapers/formula). I'm surprised you can fit all you listed in a backpack.

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