Monday, April 28, 2008


Why does God need money? He doesn't. He needs YOU to give it. But why should I have to part with something God doesn't even need? Because the giving is what is important.

Many pastors in many churches ask for money. I cannot comment as to the motives for which they ask, it is none of my business what their motive is. While I am sure that most are asking to further God's kingdom, I am equally sure that others are furthering their own. What IS important is that God asks us to give because it changes who we are.

God is a giver. We are born takers. Our time on earth is to be spent becoming more of the persons we were created to be. We were made in the image of God, when we give we become more like Him.

I am not a giver. I am a spender. I subscribe to the notion that business provides for people better than charities do. After all my spending provides jobs for people that are willing to work for it. But I've come to realize that following God's principles always works. He says give, so I give. He says love, so I love (even when I hate to). He says honor, so I honor. It always works. And so for the sake of obedience I will do what He asks, I will go where He sends, I will give what He wants, and as I do I will understand why.

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