Saturday, March 29, 2008

What is wrong with this world?

So anyone who has a tv has no doubt seen the "herpes" commercial. I have seen it, but since the advent of DVR, haven't watched it for awhile. Today I was watching live tv when it came on and I got the "herpes" commercial for the new century. It goes something like this.....

I have herpes.

I don't.

But we have lots of fun and it has not impacted our life in any way. We can do whatever we want because we have a magic herpes pill. I'm attractive and living life to its fullest, it's actually somewhat cool to have herpes.

Not really, but it feels that way to me. The thing that has always bothered me about the commercial is the fine print. It says that 70% of people who have herpes got it from a partner that had no "obvious" signs at the time. What about the other 30% - what were they thinking? Oh obviously there is something wrong here, but what the hey.

The new part that bothers me, in that I had not noticed it before, was at the end one of them says, "it's important to be safe". Why? There is a magic pill that will erase all negative effects of my irresponsibility. Why shouldn't my kids get to do whatever they want, it's cool and doing whatever they want will not negatively impact their life. If it does, they can take a pill, and the government can pay for it, and we can complain. Instead of promoting safety, let's promote brain use.

I want to see the commercial that says....

Hey, I wasn't really thinking and caught a DISEASE that will affect the rest of my life. It has altered my life, and the life of the family that I now want. Medicine helps somewhat with the medical issue that I've created in my life, but because of my lack of self control, or not knowing who I was sleeping with, it will cost me money for the rest of my life. My wife will be affected for the rest of her life, and it cannot be undone. It is something that I have to think about on a daily basis and it does interfere with my life, sure I can still go kayaking, but how important is kayaking anyway, we're talking about my penis.

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