Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Divine Intervention

Have you ever wondered if God ever steps in and saves you from a mistake you can't or won't see coming.

This past weekend I read of a guy where fate intervened in a big way and yet with all the signs flashing neon "no, no, no", the guy still didn't get it.

This guy decided that he was going to "pop the question" in a big way. Of course as a girl I have my opinions as to the execution of thought on his part, but will give him the credit for thinking outside the box. This is something girls don't do easily. We want our boys to do spectacular things and when their ideas and don't fit ours we get funky.

So, this guy is going to "pop" the question by putting a $12,000 ring inside a balloon, inside a balloon bouquet. Well, call it what you will, divine intervention, bad luck or simply wind, but he steps out of the door with his giant balloon bouquet and there it goes up, up, and away.

I'm the kind of girl who would gladly exchange the 12K ring for a story like that. But I'm also the kind of girl who'd rather have 11K and a smaller ring, but that's me and this ain't about me.....but his fiance' heard the story, threw a fit, and is refusing to speak to him until he gets her a new one.

This is where he didn't get it. He hung his head and said "well, guess I gotta go get her a new one". NO NO NO NO. This is where it will only cost you 12K to get her out of your life. It'll be cheaper in the long run. If she has to have "the" ring, then she's gonna need "the" car and "the" house and "the" this and "the" that. Go find youself a girl who's happy with the stories that built your life not the symbols that prove to others that she's got one, no matter how miserably she or you came about the symbols.

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