Monday, January 21, 2008

...uh duh

So, it was the twins birthday yesterday, they turned three, guess how many candles I put on the cake. Two. Luckily they will not be scarred for life, from that anyway. There is no photographic evidence. More proof that I'm a horrible parent all the way around.

Yesterday our pastor encouraged us to look for the good in things. So, the good is that age is only a number. I have the mental image, and the fruit was a major component of the cake. I'm awesome.

I'm hoping the terrible two's are but a memory. And that that season of my life is over. If the past three years haven't cured my baby fever, then there is no cure. I'm looking forward to doing stuff with them. We can almost make it through a meal out, they are pretty good in the car. Booger, (baby boy) was watching Ocean's 11 with us today and wants to go see the fountains at the Bellagio, (he always was my favorite). Pretty, pretty princess does an awesome rendition of "Newark, Newark" you know, "I want to be a part of it".

So, HAPPY DURPAY, babies. Next year, I'll do better.

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