Wednesday, December 5, 2007

..I learned something.

Telemarketers are our favorite. We would do away with the home phone, but are required to have a landline for foster care. Since all of our big kids have cell phones we know that when our home phone rings, it is probably someone that we don't know. We usually let one of the three year olds answer.

AT&T has recently been violating the No Call List. I have asked many times to be taken off of their list, but heard the other day on the radio that that is not specific enough in legal terms to stop the calls. You must say "Please put me on your Do Not Call List." Once you've said that, the calls are supposed to stop, if not let us know we'll lend you a small child.

The other night some guy from AT&T called and asked to speak to a mispronounced name. So, we let our oldest three year old have a chat with him. He said a polite "hello", and launched into his wants and wishes. He wanted to go to Target, of course when you aren't expecting a "hello, I want to go to Target", you think you've misheard and ask "What?" This caused our three year old to yell, "I WANT TO GO TO TARGET" The next thing we heard was "ok goodbye".

Have you ever gotten off the phone with one of those guys so fast? So, if you know us, you probably don't have our home number and if you do don't call it.

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